Local, State and National Legislative Representation

shakeThe NCDA continuously monitors state and national legislation and regulatory activities under consideration which may positively or negatively impact new car dealers and their operations. Regular visits are made to Sacramento to discuss pertinent issues with CNCDA staff and coordinate lobbying efforts with state lawmakers. Each year, the NCDA coordinates dealer meetings in Sacramento in conjunction with Dealer Day as face-to-face meetings with legislators are a powerful tool in representing dealers’ interests and viewpoints on pending legislation.

Likewise, association staff work in conjunction with NADA staff and House of Representative Members representing San Diego County to ensure the interests of NCDA Dealers are well represented at the federal level. NCDA staff regularly attends NADA’s Washington, DC Legislative Conference and meets with San Diego congress members to share concerns about the potential impacts of federal legislation and regulations on Dealer Members and their operations.

Political Action Committee

The NCDA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) was established to provide assistance to state legislative candidates who are supporters of business and understand the positive impact dealers bring to San Diego County’s economy. Additionally, the PAC allows the NCDA to provide financial support when ballot measures are proposed that would impact dealer operations. The NCDA PAC has become a highly influential political organization thanks to the generous support of Dealer Members.

The NCDA also coordinates meetings between Dealer Members and state legislative candidates to discuss areas of interest and provide support to ensure dealer concerns are understood.